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What is a reclaim feeder?

3 min read / June 17, 2024 / Staff Writter

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Reclaim feeders are bulk material moving tools that play an instrumental role in the aggregates and mining industries. These machines use a drag-chain conveyor to help efficiently move material (like ore or crushed stone) from one place to another to be further processed or transported.

Reclaim feeders convert batch haulage to continuous haulage, using features like adjustable flow gates at the transition from the loading section to the discharge section and/or variable speed drives to control production/material flow to the downstream systems. These machines can also include sensors and automation systems to regulate material flow and help prevent overloading downstream processes or spillage while working to maximize productivity. Automating this process can also help minimize the strenuous task of handling these materials manually while helping to control exposure to dust and noise.

Komatsu reclaim feeders

Komatsu's reclaim feeders are designed to handle bulk materials efficiently and reliably in mining and quarrying operations. They feature a robust construction engineered to help withstand the rigors of harsh mining conditions and can have a range of standard options to meet the specific needs of different applications. They're also equipped with advanced control systems that promote precise and reliable operation, working to drive overall efficiency and productivity.

Controlling TCO

A critical concern for any operation is minimizing expenses while maximizing output. Komatsu's reclaim feeders are engineered for reliability and durability to help control maintenance costs, minimize material waste, and consume less energy. With readily available parts, Komatsu can help mining and aggregates companies maintain a continuous operation and control the cost-per-ton for parts so that the operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Advanced automation

Komatsu's surface reclaim feeders are often provided with advanced controls like Komatsu’s LINCS II package, designed to help optimize performance and maximize operating time. The LINCS II interactive touch-screen display provides:

  • Real-time feedback to adjust performance according to conditions
  • Vital machine statistics like power consumption, condition of components, conveyor speed, and service intervals to help operate at optimal capacity
  • An easy-to-interpret graphical format that can be configured to meet personal preferences
  • Remote health monitoring through your tablet or smartphone
  • Remote controllability through your onsite network
  • Color-coded fault alarms to reinforce urgency levels
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Enhanced flexibility

Flexibility drives an operation to optimize its time and resources, which is crucial in rapidly changing industry landscapes like mining and quarrying. Komatsu reclaim feeders can be easily relocated, adapting swiftly to the areas of greatest need within any project. They are designed to handle diverse materials like aggregates, limestone, coal, and even wet, sticky materials. This adaptability can help keep a mining operation moving forward.

Engineered for reliability and durability

With an average in-service life of more than 20 years, Komatsu's reclaim feeders are constructed to achieve reliability and durability. The simple yet effective design features steel components to create for a dependable machine that works to maximize production. The Stamler RF-5 reclaim feeder can accept pre-engineered bolt-on/plug-in options and upgrades, helping maximize performance while controlling impact on original equipment (OE) lead time.

Prioritizing safety

Safety remains a top priority for Komatsu, with reclaim feeders that offer emergency stops, covers, guards and screens designed to help minimize contact with moving parts.

Empowering operations worldwide

Komatsu's commitment to innovation extends beyond machinery, shipping out its Stamler RF-5 reclaim feeder quickly, enabling operations to accelerate their capacity sooner.


Komatsu's reclaim feeders are designed to be efficient, flexible, and reliable, helping drive the quarry and mining industries toward a more productive future. These machines are built to help control the total cost of ownership and allow mining and aggregates operations to have the flexibility and reliability their business depends on.