Mining technology

SR hybrid drive

The SR (Switched Reluctance) hybrid drive system captures and uses regenerated energy, helping to reduce a machine’s overall fuel consumption and wear and tear on mechanical parts

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Drive electrification with SR technology

Your path to electrification starts with innovative SR technology that converts diesel to electrical energy. With the SR process, motors become generators, supplying energy to the KESS system for on-demand use of added and substantial power — as high as 1,100 HP.

  • Less mechanical parts wear and tear
  • Up to 45% reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced diesel emissions and heat
Features and benefits

A rundown on Komatsu's WE1850 and the KESS:SR Hybrid drive system

Designed to be the workhorse of your wheel loader fleet, the versatile and flexible WE1850 features a fuel-efficient SR Hybrid Drive systems that features KESS.
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