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Trolley Assist System

Komatsu's trolley assist system can help your mining operation control fuel consumption, extend your haul truck's engine life and build a foundation toward a zero-emissions future. 

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Set the foundation for a zero-emissions future with Komatsu’s trolley assist system

As the mining industry continues to prioritize sustainability and operational efficiency, Komatsu designed its trolley assist system to help your operation control fuel consumption, promote extended engine life for your haul truck and build a foundation toward a zero-emissions future.


The system is engineered to provide power and energy efficiency during uphill haulage operations by connecting your haul trucks to an overhead power line.For those mining operations with significant uphill haulage, the Komatsu trolley assist system can supply the electric power needed to support effective and efficient travel on steep grades.


Compared to Komatsu diesel haul trucks in the same class without the trolley assist system, this solution can help you travel uphill nearly two times faster, while promoting reduced environmental impact through less noise and fewer emissions. You can also counter rising fuel and operating costs through less dependency on diesel engines while promoting efficiency and enhanced performance.


This system can be factory-fitted or sold as a retrofit kit, making the Komatsu trolley assist system a flexible solution to upgrade your fleet while driving sustainability.


Komatsu’s trolley assist system can help your haul trucks:

  • Travel uphill nearly two times faster*
  • Burn up to 70% less fuel*
  • Control carbon emissions
  • Extend engine life
  • Build a foundation for a zero-emissions future

*Compared to similar Komatsu haul trucks in the same class without the trolley assist system


Drive production targets

With the assistance of electric power, the uphill speed of your haul trucks can increase up to two times faster than without trolley assistance. More consistent haul times drives more production.

Save fuel control costs

When your haul trucks are connected to the overhead power line, they rely less on their diesel engine, which can allow for reduced fuel consumption by up to 70%* and help control your company’s operating costs.

Minimize maintenance costs

With reduced fuel consumption and less strain on your engine during uphill haulage, you can help prolong your equipment's uptime and extend maintenance requirements.

Promote your sustainability goals

Using electrical power during high horsepower haul segments can help control greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable mining practices.

Haul with confidence

Steep inclines and declines can pose safety risks, especially when hauling heavy loads. The trolley assist system controls the speed of the haul truck to help reduce overheating and promote secure haulage on challenging roads.

Grow and expand

Upgrade your fleet wherever you are on your journey to sustainability. Factory-fit new machines or retrofit your existing ones for a flexible solution to meet the needs of your operation.

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