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Why drive an hour from the office to the job site just to transfer 3D data to a machine because of a change in the project design? Or when a newer operator has an urgent question that can’t quite be explained over the phone? Remotely send files from the office to the target machines or log in to a machine and see exactly what the operator is seeing.

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Stay connected to your machines

Work shouldn’t stop just because you’re not on-site. Remotely send files from your office to target machines, easily search all connected assets or login to a machine and see exactly what your operator is seeing with Komatsu Smart Construction Remote.

  • Easily search all connected assets
  • Quickly ensure operators have the latest design data
  • Save travel and transfer time – potentially hours

Features and benefits

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File transfer

Download machine data right to your computer and transfer files to a single machine or multiple machines with two-way file transfer.
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Remote support

Assist your operators remotely by viewing what the operator sees in real time. Gain greater control through remote access to operator’s monitors and activities.
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Locate machine in map to send data

Easily and quickly pinpoint the location of your machines through an online map and send data remotely to the machine. Connected assets are easily searchable by location and tags.

Are you still driving to the job site to transfer files on your machines?

With Smart Construction Remote, you can transfer design files between your machine and a smartphone or computer using wireless Internet. Imagine the time you can save! Download the app and start your free trial today.
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In today’s ever-changing construction environment, SC Remote is an invaluable, must-have tool. It provides troubleshooting and file transfers with the touch of a button from anywhere with internet access, minimizing crew downtime and maximizing production.

Scott Christman

Earthwork Division Manager at Cornerstone One, LLC.

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