Smart Construction

Production studies and coaching

Support before, during and after purchase to help ensure operators are making a positive impact on their operations through Komatsu-trained and experienced Smart Construction and Technology Solution Experts.

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Process or fleet recommendations for your construction site

Got a concern about your daily production rates, or wondering if there is an alternate way to proceed with earthmoving? With simple tools and digital solutions, we can help you measure performance, uncover inefficiencies and make recommendations to increase your job site effectiveness.

  • A second opinion on timing or earthmoving
  • Perspective and advice on your job site
  • View into increasing the value of your job site investments
  • Confidence that your fleet mix is right for the job

Features and benefits



Do you have questions and aren’t sure who to ask? Get expert advice on the best approach to address production issues. Learn and test out new technologies that can help you improve job site operations.
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Production studies

Are you looking to right-size your fleet, identify the best routes and keep track of job site production? Let our experts collect the data and identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.
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Technology deployment

Need assistance in adoption and deployment of new technology throughout your operations? Our experts can help guide you through the integration process and are vested in your success.

We have received help in production planning, quantifying, sequencing, and overall bidding on projects. Our local smart construction expert even takes it a step further to check in with us after we get our project started and make sure we are meeting or exceeding our production goals, or even stop by the job site to do some training in the field to make sure we are getting the most out of our smart equipment.

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