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Intelligent Machine Control

Productivity is the key to success on your job site, and the faster your crew can reach a state of maximum productivity, the better. Now you have a powerful tool to help make that happen with Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control (IMC). Incorporating a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology, IMC gives you the opportunity to take advantage of sophisticated, productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job site design.

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Easily apply advanced automation technology to your job sites.

Have you ever watched your construction crews, surrounded by modern equipment, begin a job by pounding a wooden stake into the ground and think, “Isn’t there a better way?” There is. And it’s available to you right now. Using Komatsu’s innovative Intelligent Machine Control (IMC), you can program 3D design data directly into your machines. Your operators — even those with less experience — can work with utmost efficiency, guided by sophisticated automation. You can be confident that you’re getting the most from your machines, your crew and your carefully designed plan.

  • Get new operators up to speed quickly
  • Go from mass ex to finished grading faster than ever
  • Fully integrate 3D design data into your machines
  • Empower operators to work efficiently, pass after pass

IMC Excavators

Give your operators the power to work more efficiently than they ever could with conventional aftermarket machine guidance (indicate only) or manual operation. Intelligent Machine Control excavators with semi-automatic control offer the capability to work smart from rough digging to finish grading, and help minimize over-excavation to make every pass count.

  • Semi-automatic for trenching, slope work and high production applications
  • Protection + precision + performance = the formula for pursuing maximum productivity versus conventional machine guidance
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IMC Dozers

If your goal is to achieve maximum productivity at your job site, you need to carefully plan your work, and then work your plan. With Intelligent Machine Control dozers you can work your plan with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Through automatic dozing, rough cut to finish grade, IMC-equipped machines help you make every pass count to achieve superior production compared to traditional aftermarket systems.

  • Innovative: Automated operation from rough dozing to finish grade
  • Intelligent: New dozing mode and load control performance features
  • Designed for the machine: Factory-installed, integrated system
  • No cables: No coiled cables between machine and blade
  • No climbing: GNSS antenna and mast removed from blade
  • No connections: No daily connections required between machine and blade
  • Fully supported: Get assistance via Komatsu’s service and support network
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