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Smart Construction Field connects humans, machines and materials to automate data collection on the job site, so you can accurately analyze your operational costs and efficiencies in real time.

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Real-time insights straight from the field

Success of a job site comes down to a simple question: Did we hit our targets for the day? Cost tracking of labor, machines and materials are the keys to answering it. Say goodbye to pen and paper and leverage a connected system to analyze your costs against your bid.

  • Better and more accurate job site data
  • Easily track and analyze daily spend
  • Track job site daily activity
  • Make better business decisions

Features and benefits


A connected view of your job site

Automate the collection of all job site activity to more accurately manage the costs that arise each day. And, Smart Construction Field works with your entire fleet to collect machine data, regardless of the brand of equipment.

Complete with reporting and insights

Generate daily reports to review all activity and information collected on the job site. Get a complete picture of what has been accomplished each month and see daily weather and task progress broken down by manpower, machines and materials.

Capture and track all your job site activity

Information is power. With Smart Construction Field, you’ll be able to monitor and report on all job site activity from machine utilization and fuel tracking to receipts, timecards and subcontractor work.

Save time and say goodbye to paper receipts

Smart Construction Field makes the entry and tracking of activity such as fuel loading, material deliveries, and subcontractor work easier for everyone from machine operators and foremen to project managers.
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