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If you’ve ever wanted a comprehensive digital hub that allows 24/7 access to machine telematics data, parts manuals, service manuals, software and parts ordering — all in a single place — we’ll partner with you to make sure that My Komatsu delivers exactly what you need.

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Make the most of your telematics data

Information is critical to your business, but can be time-consuming to manage. Now there’s a more efficient way to use your data, even when it’s from a mixed fleet. Using ISO API 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) telematics, Komatsu helps you integrate data from your Komatsu and non-Komatsu machines and view it on one easy-to-use dashboard.
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Have you seen the new My Komatsu?

We've made some exciting changes!

An all-new mobile app, simplified ordering through the Online Parts Store, Komatsu Care Program (KCP) integration and more have been added to enhance the My Komatsu user experience.

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Harness cutting-edge technology to manage your fleet

Connect 24/7 to your machine data and support materials from anywhere, so you can manage your fleet to be its most effective and economical. You gain instant access to parts and service information through a single, comprehensive portal that makes it easy to order parts online. Visualize and evaluate your assets with fleet-wide or equipment-specific information — on any device.

  • Accessible 24/7 through mobile-first technology
  • Single portal for all your Komatsu information
  • Manage your fleet and receive alerts and recommendations
  • Get insights that help keep your owning/operating costs low
  • Order parts and solutions quickly and easily
  • Access guides, manuals and reports for your fleet

Features and benefits

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Your centralized online portal

Designed to support your data needs and maximize the value of your equipment, My Komatsu is a comprehensive solution that provides an array of insightful information about your fleet. Order parts online and manage your job site from anywhere.
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Track machine usage and costs

Access informative telematics reports that illustrate how your equipment is being used, how much it is idling, how much fuel it is consuming and much more. Track equipment usage to determine opportunities to control costs and maximize production.
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Gain insight on individual machines

Drill down into a specific machine’s metrics to view locations, operational usage, health status, parts ordering, telematics manuals and much more.
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Order parts online easily

Quickly and conveniently look up and order the right parts anytime, anywhere and have them delivered directly to your job site.
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View manuals and guides

No need to search for reference materials online. Access machine-driven guides, manuals, parts and service updates, product brochures and reports specific to your equipment.
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Easily track a host of data

Manage notifications for machine health alerts. Monitor your parts expenses and subscriptions. Stay up to date on the latest promotions offered by Komatsu.
Support you can count on

My Komatsu Parts Store

The My Komatsu Parts Store makes it easy to get what you need to keep your equipment running at its best. From routine consumables to major machine components, the My Komatsu Parts Store has got you covered.

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My Komatsu is everywhere you are

The all-new My Komatsu mobile app puts fleet telematics, equipment support manuals, parts ordering and more, at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere.

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Got a My Komatsu question? Just ASK

Application Support at Komatsu (ASK) provides technical assistance with quick action, tracking and resolution. Submit a request or chat 24/7 in your application help bar. Live support 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT, excluding holidays.

Call toll-free at 1(833) 336-0396

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