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Drilling and bolting retrofits

Komatsu is the only OEM that offers a complete retrofit drilling solution including Montabert drifters, and intelsense controls, Timberock feeds and bolter systems.

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Underground hard rock mining

To help you find ways to lower your costs, speed production and help mitigate environmental and safety concerns, Komatsu offers a robust portfolio of underground hard rock mining equipment and advanced technologies.

Designed for underground hard rock bolting performance using the patented J-LOK P pumpable resin injection system by JENNMAR.


Designed to enhance your hard rock drilling operation with drifters made from flexible and durable materials.


Designed with flexible and durable materials to enhance your hard rock drilling operation.

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At Komatsu, you get the products, resources, and tools you need — as quickly as you need them. Because our top priority is your machine's dependability.

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