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Drilling and bolting retrofits

You have the power to revitalize your underground hard rock machines with retrofits of vital components. There are four retrofit solutions compatible with every major OEM: Montabert drifters, Timberock feeds and bolting head, and an innovative J-LOK P pumpable resin injection system. Choose any or all based on application and need.

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Reimagine your fleet with bolter and jumbo retrofits

J-LOK P Pumpable Resin Injection System

Enhance your bolting with a J-LOK P Pumpable Resin Injection System retrofit on existing bolters. According to JENNMAR, J-LOK offers many advantages over traditional urea silicate-based resins.

Montabert drifter retrofits

Maximize drilling with quality-built drifters that feature patented and proven energy recuperating, hydraulic dampening and progressive blow energy technologies.

Timberock bolting head retrofits

Enhance your drilling operation with flexible and durable materials on this critical component. The multicarrier function can help boost productivity with bolter heads set up for multiple bolts.

Top 5 benefits of retrofits

  • Cut costs: Reduce your operating budget with more efficient components and lower maintenance costs from common fleet parts.
  • Extend machine life: Delay large investments in new bolters and jumbos by replacing vital components that do the hard work.
  • Boost productivity: Whether Montabert drifters that can increase penetration rates by 8.5% or Timberock feeds with fast loading 9-bolt carousals, our retrofits help you get results.
  • Promote zero-harm: Lower drifter noise, fewer bit changes, strong bolting anchorage and less maintenance fosters a better work environment and minimizes hazards.
  • Retrofit your way: Our component experts will work closely with you to address your unique needs and help you get the most from retrofitting your fleet.

See how one copper mine in Peru increased drilling productivity by 10% after a Montabert drifter retrofit.

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Retrofits in action

See Komatsu retrofits solutions in action with a hands-on view of these vital components. Our hard rock expert walks you through what retrofits can do for your mining operations.

Reimagine your drilling and bolting fleet

Revitalize your underground hard rock machines by retrofitting vital components.

Ready to retrofit?

Your Komatsu Mining service rep can answer questions or arrange for a retrofit solution consultation.

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