Underground hard rock drills

As you look to address the challenges posed by tough hard rock mining environments productively and efficiently, we offer a full line of capable and versatile jumbo drills that are built on a common platform for increased user adoption and efficient training.

Komatsu ZB21 underground hard rock drill
Jumbo drills


Designed for flexibility and productivity, the ZJ21 is a jumbo drill on a first-ever common-carrier platform that makes operator training and adoption on the controls easier and faster. The ZJ21 also offers excellent useable coverage in a small jumbo platform.

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J-LOK P Pumpable Resin Injection System

Enhance your rock bolting with a J-LOK P Pumpable Resin Injection System retrofit on existing bolters. According to JENNMAR, J-LOK offers many advantages over traditional urea silicate-based resins.

Montabert drifter retrofits

Maximize drilling with quality-built drifters that feature patented and proven energy recuperating, hydraulic rock drill dampening and progressive blow energy technologies.

Timberock bolting head retrofits

Enhance your underground hard rock mining drilling operation with flexible and durable materials on this critical component. The multicarrier function can help boost productivity with bolting heads set up for multiple rock bolts.

Komatsu's drilling and bolting solutions

Drilling and bolting for versatile, productive solutions for the ZB21, ZJ21 and ZJ32Bi machines.
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Underground hard rock mining industry

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