ZB21 / ZB21B

  • Aisle navigation 3 m and up depending on bolting head length 9 ft. and up depending on bolting head length
  • Height with canopy in drill/tram position 2.8 m 9 ft. 4 in
  • Width overall 1.7 m 5 ft. 6 in

Excellent versatility in a small-class bolting platform

The innovative ZB21 offers convenience and productivity on a flexible common carrier platform. This solid workhorse allows completion of the bolting cycle from the operator enclosure to reduce human interaction with screens and bolts.

For mines looking to make inroads into electrification and sustainability, the ZB21B offers a battery-electric driveline option. This electric bolting rig has the same robust capabilities and features as its diesel counterpart. The ZB21B has a modular battery driveline with 83 kWh of onboard energy to meet the challenging bolting needs of underground mining.

  • 100% of bolting cycle can be performed from the operator’s compartment
  • 2 of the major bolt types can be installed off a single carousel
  • 100% tunnel bolting coverage — walls, and backs

Features and benefits

Bolter-ZB21B-San Xavier Mine AZ-DS-240405-KOM-9295.jpg

Battery powertrain (ZB21B)

The ZB21B underground bolting rig is operated on battery power. Supports our customers on their journey to electrification and sustainability. Features a modular battery driveline with 83 kWh of robust onboard energy for less charging time.
Bolter-ZB21B-San Xavier Mine AZ-DS-240405-KOM-9296.jpg

Smart, opportunistic charging (ZB21B)

Uses preexisting Komatsu technology for a system designed to increase productivity. ZB21B features Komatsu’s innovative approach to BEV — onboard charging, smart opportunistic charging and 100% compatibility with existing infrastructure.
Bolter-ZB21B-San Xavier Mine AZ-DS-240405-KOM-9354.jpg

Innovative pumpable resin system (option)

Uses JLOK P resin by Jennmar as an alternative to expensive, limited bolt types with conventional bulk resin systems. Offers exceptional alignment and accuracy for a cost-efficient system designed to help boost productivity and reduce cycle times.
Bolter_ZB21_Sudbury CAN_JH_221220_KO 4.psd

Innovative bolting head

Limited moving mechanical parts and a simple design for smooth operability. Reduced bolting cycle times and increased drifter uptime helps you keep production moving.
Bolter_ZB21_Sudbury CAN_JH_221220_KO 7.psd

Performance-boosting operator enclosure

Ergonomic, ISO-compliant and ROPS/FOPS-certified cabins or canopies. Optional enclosed cabin available with climate control.
Bolter_ZB21_Sudbury CAN_JH_221220_20.jpg

Productive drifters

Exceptional consumable life with technologies designed to enhance drilling productivity. Drifter model options include the Komatsu JZD08, JZD10 and JZD12, manufactured by Montabert.
Bolter_ZB21_Sudbury CAN_JH_221220_25.jpg

Screen handler and chemical injection system

Integrated screen handling allows full completion of bolting cycle from inside the operator enclosure. New chemical injection system provides superior alignment and accuracy and can help boost productivity with reduced bolting cycle times.
Bolter_ZB21_Sudbury CAN_JH_221220_10.jpg

Common carrier design between ZB21 and ZJ21

New platform offers universal controls, outer boom structure, driveline and operator enclosure configurations. Designed to give your mining operation versatility while simplifying maintenance and training.
Bolter_ZB21_Sudbury CAN_JH_221220_KO 5.psd

Superior coverage

Exceptional coverage for vertical and horizontal reach. Ideal for fitting into many smaller mine sections and can use a variety of bolt types: mechanical, friction, chemical and hydro expanding.
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