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Battery-powered scoop

Joy 02ESV36 Scoop

  • Seam height 91 - 160 cm 36 - 63 in
  • Bucket capacity 3 m³   120 ft.³ 
  • Maximum payload 18 197 kg 40,118 lbs.

Tackle a variety of support jobs with a versatile scoop

Need a scoop that’s up to multiple tasks — maintenance, re-supply, clean-up, rock dusting — in your mine? Operators will love the power of Joy battery-powered scoops. You’ll appreciate the durability and experienced support network.

  • Improved motor efficiency and lower temperatures result in increased motor life
  • 50% increase in power*
  • Up to 40% lower operating costs*
  • *vs. 128 VDC battery

Features and benefits

Keep your mine running smoothly

Ventilation and cost-of-ownership savings, as well as improved conditions for your operation with Joy 240-volt scoops. It also means less heat and noise compared to diesel.

Help improve operator efficiency

The Joy scoop’s 240-volt variable frequency drive (VFD) traction system provides smooth acceleration that helps operators perform efficiently and helps lower maintenance costs and improve battery life.

Built for reliability

The rigorously engineered frame of Joy battery-powered scoops is designed to offer you industry-leading durability and longevity — plus the critical ability to haul massive payloads.

Pursue maximum scoop performance

The high torque and traction control help your operator get maximum performance out of the scoop, providing impressive stability and capacity control on steep grades.

Increase your battery life

The 240-volt battery can deliver improved battery life compared to a standard 128-volt. It delivers reduced battery maintenance and watering, and significantly lower drive heat, which can help reduce costly motor and cable replacements or repairs.

A size for your needs

Models are available to perform in seams as low as 914 cm (36 in), with a variety of options to suit your needs. Ground clearance options available for various bottom conditions and canopy options available for optimum operator comfort and visibility.

Specifications for 01ESV36

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US system Metric
Length with bucket 8.7 m
Basic machine width 3.1 m
Wheel base 3.7 m
Basic frame height 50.8 cm
Batteries 158.4 kWh
Est. weight with batteries 17 170 kg
Tram motor 55.9 kW
Tram speed 0 to 8 kph
Pump motor 26 kW
Breakout load rating 7 790 kg
Maximum payload 14 970 kg
Steering angle 40° (each side)
Inside turning radius 3.7 m
Outside turning radius 7 m
Bucket capacity 3.4 m³
Ground clearance 22.9 - 33 cm
Length with bucket 28 ft. 8.13 in
Basic machine width 10 ft. 2.75 in
Wheel base 12 ft.
Basic frame height 20 in
Batteries 660 ampere hours
Est. weight with batteries 46,000 lbs.
Tram motor 75 HP
Tram speed 0 to 5 mph
Pump motor 35 HP
Breakout load rating 20,868 lbs.
Maximum payload 40,118 lbs.
Steering angle 40° (each side)
Inside turning radius 12 ft. 1.38 in
Outside turning radius 22 ft. 10.5 in
Bucket capacity 120 ft.³
Ground clearance 9 - 13 in
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