Room and pillar

For the challenging industrial minerals and coal markets, where safety, productivity and low operating costs are paramount, Komatsu offers you a full range of entry development equipment, including heavy-duty continuous miners, continuous and batch haulage systems, and a wide range of feeder breakers.

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  • Capacity 11.4 tonnes 12.5 tons
  • Entry width 355 cm 11 ft. 7 in
  • Minimum seam height 1.1 m 42 in
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  • Capacity 16.4 tonnes 18 tons
  • Entry width 341 cm 12 ft. 4 in
  • Minimum seam height 1.45 m 57 in
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  • Capacity 18.2 tonnes 20 tons
  • Entry width 362 cm 11 ft. 10 in
  • Minimum seam height 1.8 m 72 in
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  • Seam height 91 - 160 cm 36 - 63 in
  • Bucket capacity 3 m³   120 ft.³ 
  • Maximum payload 14 970 kg 40,118 lbs.
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  • Seam height 142 - 211 cm 56 - 83 in
  • Bucket capacity 3.43 m³  121 ft.³ 
  • Maximum payload 27 590 kg 60,827 lbs.
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  • Seam height 142 - 211 cm 56 - 83 in
  • Bucket capacity 4.35 m³  153 ft.³ 
  • Maximum payload 27 590 kg 60,827 lbs.

Let Komatsu help on the journey to autonomous transformation

Transforming your mining operation with autonomous solutions.
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Komatsu soft rock advancements and automation

More technology, automation and innovation are coming to room and pillar and longwall mining to meet your increasing challenges.
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Crucial element to underground automation: Partnership

There’s more to successful automation in underground mining than just equipment and computers. A close partnership between the mine and manufacturer.

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Automation: A Journey to underground improvement

Finding the right automation solution for an underground mine starts with understanding their goals. Through time studies and productivity models, specific challenges can be identified and targeted features can be applied to improve safety, productivity, and cost.

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Total systems approach: Optimized high productivity mining system for future mine design

Learn how an optimized, total system approach to future mine design was developed for simultaneous cutting and bolting; eliminating haulage delays; decreasing bolting delays; reducing miner relocations; and increasing production of 1,900 tonnes per shift.

Underground soft rock mining industry

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