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Longwall systems

Joy Armored Face Conveyor (AFC)

  • Capacity Up to 6 000 tonnes per hour Up to 6,600 tons
  • Conveyor length Up to 450 m Up to 1,500 ft.
  • Linepan length 1 503 mm, 1 756 mm, 2 050 mm 60 in, 70 in, 80 in

Custom AFC for your operation

Longwall mining is a complex undertaking and to get the most from it, you need equipment tailored for your conditions and priorities. Joy armored face conveyors (AFC) are designed and built for your operation and to work seamlessly with your other longwall equipment. 

  • Custom-designed for your operation 
  • Designed for challenging environments 
  • Lowering costs per tonne 

Features and benefits

Robust Linepans

Simple design – just four parts – for longevity. Trapezoidal design and a patented loading profile mean excellent horizon and snake control for standout alignment and face control. We rigorously test each bespoke AFC design before delivery.

OptiDrive variable speed drive (VSD)

OptiDrive controls everything from start-up to event mitigation, reducing chain travel by up to 40% to help improve product life and drive the path to zero harm. Variable chain speeds promote increased capacity, improved cutting cycles, and greater efficiency.

Sprockets, chain and flightbars

To enable the best life and production of your system, sprockets, chain and flight bars are manufactured with excellent quality materials and designed and matched to each other and your production goals.

Joy sprockets

To help minimize downtime and promote increased service life, sprockets are designed to be durable, compact and modular. Quick and simple fitting and removal without disturbing the transmission get you back up and running quickly.

Broadband chain

Available in sizes from 38mm to 64mm diameter. Unique patented chain design can facilitate power increase by up to 60% and production compared to a conventional design*, while helping to improve fatigue and wear resistance. *Based on internal testing

Flight bars

Computer-aided designed for excellent raceway cleaning and efficient material conveying. Security lock nut and bolt help minimize breakdowns, promote productivity and road to zero harm.

Joy driveframes

For exceptional quality and reduced maintenance, drive frames incorporate innovative designs. Custom designed to your gate-end profiles improve material transfer, shearer cutout and help minimize wear.

Joy gearboxes

Joy AFC gearboxes are specifically designed for AFC operations to promote enhanced production, quality and easy maintenance. Excellent space adjacent to the transmission, coalface and roadways. Overhaul and rehanding are designed in for lower cost refurbishment.

RS20s AFC Control system

More control is in your operators’ hands, as the RS20s standardizes the control system across all Komatsu longwall products. It can operate as a standalone system or integrate with powered roof supports and shearers. Commonality promotes easier parts management, maintenance and product support.

Turbo Transmission Technology (TTT) coupling

You can count on this controlled fill coupling. There’s no loss of torque under normal voltage drop situations and with no bearings or seals, very little maintenance and cost is required. It uses water as the fluid medium, making multiple hard-starts in succession possible.

Beam stage loader and belt tail end

Creates a seamless transition from face to belt to minimize the risk of blockages and provide excellent discharge to the conveyor system. Continuously moves to provide the necessary overlap to suit mining conditions.

Integrate with crushers

For excellent productivity, you need crushers to handle lump coal and oversize rock. A full range of Komatsu BSL crushers integrate with the AFC, made with heavy steel plate reinforced with beefy ribs. Direct gear-drive or a V-belt drive.
Support you can count on

Technology that works as hard as you do

OptiDrive_VSD_literature link_20180102_061322.jpg
The Optidrive variable speed drive system is the result of a holistic approach to transmission design that provides you with an adaptable, rugged and reliable solution for Armored Face Conveyor systems. The medium voltage (MV, 3300 or 4160 V) OptiDrive system integrates the variable speed drive with the motor to achieve outstanding speed and torque control for soft starts and stops and fast acceleration. The variable chain speeds allow your operators to adapt to production conditions, giving you an opportunity to increase capacity, improve cutting cycles, and achieve remarkable efficiency with your longwall system.

Find what works for you