Mid-size excavator

PC210LC-11 SLF

  • Horsepower 123 kW @ 2 000 rpm 165 HP @ 2,000 rpm
  • Operating weight 24 961 - 25 241 kg 55,029 - 55,646 lbs.
  • Bucket capacity 0.5 m³ 0.6 yd³

Built to extend beyond

An incredibly versatile machine with a large working range for the PC210LC-11 with a super long front. A wide variety of ditch cleaning and general-purpose buckets are available to meet specific job needs.

  • Extends excavator operating range
  • Can handle a wide variety of applications
  • Provides stability while reaching long

Features and benefits

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Versatile arrangements

Large selection of ditch-cleaning and general-purpose buckets to meet your job site’s needs. Arm tucks under boom for lowest possible transport height without disassembly.

Durability with reinforced parts

Hardened steel and nickel plated for corrosion and wear resistance. Cast bucket power link and sealed hardened bushing provide even more durability.

Smooth loading and control

Smooth bucket control and two return hoses to improve hydraulic performance. During the arm out function, a portion of the oil is returned directly back to the tank for smooth operation.
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