Growing with society

Aligned to societal needs, our commitments to corporate social responsibility and sustainability focus on growth far beyond our company. To honor the role everyone plays in cycles of growth and production, we support our connections with society by helping reestablish natural environments, committing to community development and providing vital human services.



As the need for essential minerals continues to climb, so does the need for environmental activism to help curb climate change. To address both needs, we support reforestation of formerly mined lands at sites around the world — working with nonprofit organizations and our customers to restore native habitats and bring our work full circle.


Community development

Remaining true to our founding spirit, we work with our partners to support community development efforts that provide vital resources that bolster the growth and future opportunity for communities in need.


Human services

Treating all humans as equals and deserving of access to essential human services is vital to creating a world in which we can all thrive. In times of crisis or in the face of everyday need, we work to support initiatives that provide the services we all need to survive.

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