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Working together: Komatsu helps Peruvian contractor win new business with WX07 underground mining loader

2 min read / November 8, 2022

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The Komatsu WX07 operating at the El Santo mine is helping mining contractor ESEMIN serve the needs of their customer with its ease of maintenance and productivity-boosting features.

Case Study

ESEMIN needed to offer AuPlata Mining Group and the El Santo mining team dependable load-haul-dump (LHD) capabilities. So, they begin to look for a reliable LHD in a short time frame. Their current LHD manufacturer lacked viable financial options, technical support and machine dependability for their medium-sized business.

Understanding the top concerns and priorities of the customer, the Komatsu team had an overarching goal of providing a complete solution for ESEMIN and their client, the El Santo mine. Besides demonstrating the proven track record of the WX07 and providing technical specifications, the team set about building a financing model for selling new equipment based on ESEMIN’s unique needs and requirements.

Within a short time, the WX07 reached 4,500 engine hours at the El Santo mine with only preventive maintenance — filters and oils — needed. With this dependable workhorse now part of their fleet. ESEMIN is now positioned to continue to serve the needs of local mines, such as El Santo, with financing and technical support that meets their specific needs.


ESEMIN had an excellent opportunity to start operations in the El Santo Mine site, an underground mine located 225 km northwest of Arequipa, Peru. AMG AuPlata exploits polymetallic veins (lead, silver, Zn and Au) at El Santo Mine. The timing was ideal — AMG Auplata was establishing operations while ESEMIN was looking to expand.

Also, AMG Auplata was at a key decision point in selecting a reliable contractor for supplying equipment that would perform well in their mine. Specifically, the mining contractor needed a 4-yard underground mining loader with a 7-metric tonne payload capacity from a reputable supplier with fast delivery on stock equipment. Speed was important — the mine operators had ongoing maintenance downtime issues with their current LHDs.

ESEMIN collaborated with Komatsu to meet the mineral loading needs of El Santos. After evaluating the key priorities for the El Santo operation and the required configuration of main components, engine, transmission, converter, and axles, the WX07 underground mining loader — also known as a load-haul-dump (LHD) loader — was identified as an ideal solution.


It was easy doing business with Komatsu as their commercial people were always there trying to identify the opportunity, requesting information to understand the business context and being creative to offer the solution we needed. The technical specialists also were there to solve all the technical questions to create confidence in WX07 we needed.

Jaime Rivera Vicent, general manager


Within a short time, the WX07 reached 4,500 engine hours at the El Santo mine, with only preventive maintenance — filters and oils — needed.

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