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Smart Quarry Site is your total fleet management solution. Pre-shift inspections allow managers to identify any issues with their mobile equipment. Remote job site monitoring provides a detailed view of the job site and each machine’s performance. Fleet optimization and operator scorecards help engineers and managers make the most out of their equipment and personnel.

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Smart Quarry Site

Your total fleet management solution

Production visualizations and real-time overviews of machine movement and production allow greater control.

  • Brand agnostic
  • Fleet management and fleet production
  • Machine health and safety features
  • Operator performance

Features and benefits


Remote job site monitoring

Map-based applications provide managers with a real-time overview of your fleet and job site. Instantly see the location and status of the machines, their production and the fleet’s progress throughout the shift. The ability to view historical data allows managers to review the operation at their convenience.

Safety and machine health

Using the fleet-focused dashboard, managers can quickly view pre shift inspections, events, alerts, and SMR and utilization by machine. Clicking the machine’s serial number links directly back to the My Komatsu portal for quick and easy parts ordering, manuals, and more.

Fleet optimization and operator performance

Utilization dashboards help managers and engineers visualize the fleet’s productivity and areas to improve. Operator scorecards can create healthy competition while giving the site managers data they need to coach their operators.
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