Remote equipment monitoring

You have a unique and complex mining business in a competitive industry, and maintaining your equipment in peak condition is essential while on the road to becoming a more sustainable and profitable mining operation.

Komatsu's remote equipment monitoring service is here to help you implement an effective resource management plan that promotes the health of your machines so you can execute your mine plan and become a more agile and responsive mining business.

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Komatsu employees remotely monitoring mining equipment health
One solution for effective equipment management and operational excellence
Are you struggling with limited machine insight? Are data silos or integration issues slowing down your progress? Are you managing a diverse fleet of mining equipment? Komatsu's remote equipment monitoring service provides a holistic approach to your equipment management processes so that you can get the actionable data you need to help optimize your operations and enhance your mining efficiency.
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Challenge: Lack of data clarity due to scattered engine and machine analytics, making it difficult to consolidate and interpret your data effectively.

Remote equipment monitoring: Consolidates your engine and machine analytics into a unified platform to help facilitate easy interpretation and analysis for a more efficient operation.

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Challenge: Maintenance management is bogged down and overwhelmed due to a reactive approach, leading to inefficiencies and increased downtime across your entire operation.

Remote equipment monitoring: Enables proactive maintenance through continuous monitoring of your equipment’s health, identifying potential issues before they escalate to help promote uptime.

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Challenge: Inconsistent and poor utilization of your machines and equipment, impacting overall productivity in your mining operation and delaying projects.

Remote equipment monitoring: Provides continuous monitoring and visibility into your equipment’s performance and health, optimizing your machine’s availability and facilitating efficient scheduling.

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Challenge: Lack of expert knowledge or specialized insight into your equipment, clouding the ability to identify and address potential issues promptly and increasing maintenance costs.

Remote equipment monitoring: Provides your mining teams with the tools, information and human support to help you make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency and optimize maintenance expenditures.

Optimize your mining processes with advanced machine analytics, monitoring tools and expert insights to help:

  • Control machine downtime to promote enhanced productivity
  • Drive cost savings across your entire mining operation
  • Extend equipment life by working to identify potential issues before they occur
  • Facilitate seamless communication across your operation

Elevate your maintenance processes by bundling this service with MineCare for the full spectrum of maintenance insight — historical, real-time and future predictions.

Empower your mining professionals. Optimize your processes. Drive efficiency.

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Komatsu’s remote equipment monitoring service is more than just advanced technology, machinery and data analytics. People are an integral part of the implementation and help complement its capabilities for continued success.
Komatsu employees remotely monitoring mining equipment health
This service is part of a comprehensive approach that streamlines workflow processes and enhances your mining machines and overall operational performance. REM stretches across your entire organization so that your business can work together as one cohesive unit, contributing to efficiency, safety and informed decision-making.
MineCare software
Komatsu’s REM service integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies to help improve automation and control, enhance safety and environmental compliance, and augment your data analytics and communication tools.

Stay competitive, adaptable and responsive to the evolving needs of your business and the mining industry. Talk to your distributor today about Komatsu’s remote equipment monitoring service.

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