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Payload management

There are many processes in your load and haul operation that can drain productivity, such as underloading, overloading, wait times and slow cycle times. One way to reclaim some of that productivity is by utilizing Komatsu payload management technology.

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Technology designed to help improve your loading and hauling

Payload management technology helps operators accurately and effectively load haul trucks to capacity, within production, path to zero harm and loading unit parameters. The technology does more than just help tighten payloads and maximize tonnes hauled per cycle, it:

  • Protects your trucks by automatically limiting their speed during overload events and providing carry-back data
  • Promotes efficiency and longevity of shovels by optimizing power usage through dig cycle
  • Helps to improve operator performance through activity monitoring and training features
  • Offers operational insights for monitoring operations, as the data is consolidated in one place, and is easy to access — producing KPI reports, scorecards and other benchmarking tools is easy



Improve payload measurement accuracy

Take the guesswork out of your payload calculations and processes with automated payload management

Minimize over- and under-loading

Elevate your production and material movement without stressing your haul truck’s structural components or making extra trips to meet production targets

Enhance equipment productivity and efficiency

Drive your bottom line by doing more with what you already have by boosting equipment utilization and operator performance

Solution integrations

So you can get the most from your equipment, regardless of brand, Komatsu payload management integrates multiple payload systems across all makes of equipment. The full suite includes PLM4, Argus PLM, and Modular Mining® DISPATCH® FMS and ProVision® Machine Guidance.

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