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FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS)

The essential minerals needed to power modern society are getting harder to find and tougher to mine, yet your customers trust you to deliver these resources. Together we can focus on meeting those needs productively and responsibly. Combining the reliability and durability of Komatsu electric drive trucks with the power of our innovative autonomous haulage technology has helped mines worldwide increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership while promoting zero harm.

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What does AHS offer?

If you’re looking for a significant upgrade to your fleet, the FrontRunner system offers automation that can yield substantial benefits for your mining operation. Leverage rich data to optimize your haulage fleet across the entire value chain with the Modular Mining DISPATCH Fleet Management System (FMS).

  • Cost savings of up to 15%
  • Increased production while promoting zero harm
  • Consistent operation
  • Optimized dispatching and real-time decision-making



Peak productivity

Your operation can benefit from DISPATCH-optimized truck assignments that result in measurable operational efficiency. AHS helps increase truck availability, boosts uptime, maximizes resources and lowers total cost of ownership.
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Quality maintenance matters

Autonomous truck operation within the design envelope results in an average 40% improvement in tire and brake life and a 13% reduction in overall maintenance. Enterprise-level visibility and central command control can help you be more proactive with maintenance.

Greater control over operations

Drive production capabilities forward with predictable, consistent performance from a smart system that delivers visibility and optimum compliance to mine plans.
Support you can count on

A connected experience detailing the wide variety of Komatsu’s autonomous solutions

Autonomy is the gateway to a fully-connected, digitalized, intelligent mine.
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Why mines are going autonomous in haulage

More mines are transitioning to autonomous haulage solutions and realizing a full range of benefits. And some you might not have thought of before.
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