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Drilling and blasting

It all starts with drilling and blasting. The precision of your drill and blast process can dictate the productivity of every aspect of your mine operation. A well-executed drill pattern can improve blasthole quality and depth accuracy. Optimized blasting directly impacts fragmentation for better productivity in loading and hauling, as well as leaching and crushing. 

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Help optimize your drilling and blasting performance

Refine your drilling and blasting operation to help improve your downstream mining processes. To promote improved drilling accuracy, efficiency and productivity, leverage the advanced technology of Komatsu’s drilling and blasting solutions for:

  • Improved fragmentation as a result of increased drill pattern accuracy
  • Enhanced blast-yield efficiency
  • Minimized re-drilling and other re-work
  • Increased equipment utilization



High-precision navigational guidance

Take the guesswork out of locating your next hole’s precise position, depth and angle.

Minimize stake and surveying requirements

Improve your compliance to the current drill pattern without needing to send surveyors into the field.

Maximize resource management

Leverage technology to reduce explosives costs, manage rods and bit changes, and promote maximized equipment utilization.
Drilling and blasting solutions

With the high-precision for drilling we don’t have to paint dots on the ground anymore. So it saves the surveyors from being out in the field and has allowed them to focus on different projects.

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Automation: How to amplify what a single person can do

What does an automation roadmap look like for your operation?
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