Smart mining solutions

Analytics and insights

You have plenty of data, so let’s make it useful. Komatsu’s Analytics & Insights is an analytics ecosystem that leverages data from your systems and converts it into actional insights, designed to help make your equipment smarter and your operations more productive.

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Actionable insights, to the right people at the right time

It’s more than just miners analyzing data. Komatsu leverages the expertise of our teams in equipment, technology and mining operations, as well as our customers who know better than anyone what their operational challenges are and what success looks like.

  • Increase fleet uptime
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce costs



Advanced data tools

Get the most of your data with advanced reporting, interactive charts, maps and visualization tools. Quickly communicate actionable insights into reliable solutions to the right person, at the right time.

Collaborative approach

Focus on achieving your goals while we focus on the data. We leverage the expertise of our teams in equipment, technology, mining operations, and you, our customers.

Established 4-step process

We use a multi-step process to understand challenges, identify potential solutions and then implement the best ones quickly. We can continue to work with the mine site to monitor conditions to help continue sustainable gains.

Solution integrations

Applicable to all Komatsu Mining Technology Solutions products — Modular Mining® DISPATCH® fleet management, ProVision® machine guidance, MineCare® asset health, Argus payload monitor, as well as onboard equipment technologies, such as PreVail and Komtrax Plus.

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