Equipment monitoring and analysis


Telematics data can drive results for business operations, but only when you can collect and analyze it efficiently. Komatsu helps you make the most of your data with powerful Komtrax and Komtrax Plus on-machine telemetric technology plus My Komatsu, a comprehensive digital hub that helps you visualize valuable insights into your mixed fleet.

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How it works
Data is generated by equipment


Telematics data is generated by on-machine technology — Komatsu or non-Komatsu.

Komatsu data flows to Komtrax


Telematics data flows into data storage. ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) facilitates the extraction and raw data to your choice of databases.

My Komatsu connects telematic data


Choose how you want to connect and view your data. Go to multiple systems, send to a third party, or easily connect it all through My Komatsu.

My Komatsu creates powerful analytics dashboard views


My Komatsu connects telematic data from Komatsu and non-Komatsu equipment and creates powerful analytics dashboard views.

Actionable, accessible data for managing your fleet

  • View easy, intuitive data displays
  • Receive maintenance alerts
  • Help keep costs under control
  • Monitor for theft and unauthorized use
  • Quickly view and manage data
  • Benchmark machine performance
  • Track fuel consumption
  • Collect and view data in one location

Features and benefits

  • Access data anytime, anywhere
    You need timely information about your fleet no matter where you are. Komatsu lets you connect remotely with a telematics system that is compatible with a PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • All in one place
    My Komatsu collects and clearly displays telematics information from your mixed fleet on one easy-to-use dashboard. Maps, tables and charts are all in one place — no more tedious cross-referencing or paying for multiple third-party solutions.
  • Troubleshoot and minimize downtime
    Get maintenance alerts and 24/7 performance data that can help you schedule preventive maintenance, get ahead of problems and facilitate peak machine performance. You can use these standard features to help minimize downtime and keep your business running efficiently.
  • Any GPS-enabled machine
    Do you operate a mixed fleet? No problem. My Komatsu analyzes and displays robust data from telematic on-machine technology, including Komtrax and Komtrax Plus, or ISO API 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) data from other OEMs.
  • Monitor for peak performance
    Are your machines working as efficiently as they can? Find out by monitoring key metrics: productive hours, idle time, load factors, economy vs. power modes, travel times and more. For models equipped with load meters, you can view tons, cycles and travel distances.
  • Manage for fuel efficiency
    Want to reduce fuel costs? Our telematics system lets you visualize daily, weekly, monthly or lifetime fuel consumption on your equipment. Use key metrics to revise haul routes for reduced fuel consumption. Set thresholds for your operators and create alerts when they’re missed.
  • Alerts and early warnings
    Getting ahead of potential problems is good for business. With Komatsu’s telematics system, you’ll be alerted via email or text about machine abnormalities and cautions, helping you act quickly to prevent downtime or more costly repairs.
  • Historical equipment records
    Have a handle on your fleet’s lifetime performance and activity. With our telematics system, you can graph conditional trends over a selected time period and create your own equipment history reports.
  • Monitor automatics usage
    Get the most value out of machines equipped with intelligent Machine Control (iMC) through remote equipment monitoring and management systems that show how machine guidance and control features are being used — or not used.
  • Monitor in case of theft
    Know exactly where your machines are and when they’re on the move with location monitoring and alerts for machine travel. Troubleshoot potential theft and unauthorized usage with remote engine lock functionality. On some models, fuel-level monitoring alerts you to potential fuel theft.
  • Remote locations? No problem
    Need to connect with your machines in remote locations? With our remote equipment monitoring and management systems, we can help make sure your data can be transmitted via cellular, Wi-Fi, or satellite, extending coverage to distant locations. You can confirm your machine is reporting no matter where it is.

How to get started

Contact your local Komatsu representative to learn more about the telematics for your equipment and sign up for My Komatsu.
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