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To help you meet the challenges of mining aggressive materials, patented new features of the NXT Single Sprocket Conveyor Chain from Komatsu is engineered to improve performance and durability over previous models.

Maximize performance on the job site with Komatsu hydraulic breakers that fully modulate their impact force and frequency to match the application’s requirements, with minimal wasted energy and therefore a higher operating efficiency.

JTHB-G hydraulic and nitrogen gas breaker attachments offer full compatibility, exceptional impact energy and outstanding breaking force when used with Komatsu excavators.

Our engine, hydraulic, powertrain, fuel and cab filters help protect major components of your machines by filtering out contaminants, dust, dirt, debris and water.

Komatsu transmission oil is designed to meet TO-4 specs, which means it can be used in a variety of off-road equipment brands.

Komatsu Supercoolant is designed with advanced organic acid technology (OAT) designed to provide premium protection to all parts of the engine's cooling system.

This HEPA filter retrofit kit for the dash A/C unit of your mining and construction vehicles is designed to help capture airborne particles and particulate matter to promote improved air quality for your operators.

Komatsu G2-LI is a multipurpose grease designed to be the “one grease” for use with all components on most Komatsu construction equipment.

Komatsu's heavy-duty diesel engine oil products are designed specifically for construction and mining equipment. These quality engine oils meet the current low ash API CK-4 specification.

Lithium-ion batteries from Komatsu for your battery haulers in underground soft rock mining to promote productivity and efficiency.

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