Waste solutions

WA500-8 WH

  • Horsepower 263 kW @ 1 900 rpm 353 HP @ 1,900 rpm
  • Operating weight 34 880 - 35 315 kg 76,897 - 77,856 lbs.
  • Full turn tip load 24 776 - 25 117 kg 54,622 - 55,373 lbs.

Meeting the demands of waste management

Protect your wheel loader with customizable waste guarding packages that includes custom guarding, joystick steering for easier maneuverability, and steering wheel placement to improve visibility.

  • Designed to protect vital machine parts
  • Improved protection from airborne debris
  • Reduced wear on components

Features and benefits

Wheel Loader_WA270_WH_waste package_literature link_6.0.JPG

Front window and light guards

Provides an additional layer of protection to the window and operator from large debris. Guards on the front and rear lights help protect against damage.
Wheel loader_WH_undercarriage guard_Wheel Loader 7.psd

Front and rear frame underguard

For protection of the engine oil pan, oil drain and fuel tank drain. Reduces debris buildup and shields powertrain and hydraulic components.
Wheel loader_WH_fueltankguard_Wheel Loader 10.psd

Fuel tank guard

Encloses the exposed surfaces of the fuel tank to minimize damage and transfers impact forces into the rear frame and counterweight.
Wheel loader_WA500-8WH_FBboomcylinderhoseguards_ (277).psd

Boom cylinder hose guards

Provides additional protection to the hydraulic hoses and protects from wear, abrasion and cuts.
Wheel loader_WH_Beaconworklights_Wheel Loader 2.5.psd

Beacon lamp and additional work lights

Cab is prewired for a roof-mounted beacon or strobe light. Switches for the beacon and rear lights are integrated into the dashboard.
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