Underground hard rock haulage

Breakout force, speed, reliability and operator comfort are key to maximizing hard rock hauling cycles and hitting your production targets. Our full line of LHDs delivers the performance in the areas you need. From narrow vein designs to super-efficient hybrid drives, there’s a Komatsu LHD ideal for your operation.

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  • Tramming capacity 6 600 kg 14,520 lbs.
  • Standard box volume 3.3 m3 4.3 yd3
  • Dimensions 6217 x 1549 x 2084 mm 245 x 61 x 82 in
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  • Tramming capacity 16 000 kg 35,300 lbs.
  • Standard box volume 8 m3 10.5 yd3
  • Dimensions 7 728 x 2 318 x 2 114 mm 304 x 91 x 83 in

Underground hard rock mining industry

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