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Forestry machines

Tackle tough forestry jobs with confidence using Komatsu wheeled harvesters, forwarders, log loaders, swing machines, felling heads and harvesting heads. Forestry work is often in the most rugged terrain and brutal conditions — and Komatsu forestry equipment is engineered for the task.



  • Horsepower 118 kW 158 HP
  • Operating Weight 31 106 kg 68,577 lbs.
  • Swing torque 8 065 kg-m 58,334 lbs.-ft.


  • Horsepower 147 kW 196 HP
  • Operating Weight 39 630 kg 87,370 lbs.
  • Swing torque 10 494 kg-m 75,902 lbs.-ft.

Forestry industry

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