Waste solutions excavator

PC360LC-11 WH

  • Horsepower 192 kW @ 1 950 rpm 257 HP @ 1,950 rpm
  • Operating weight 35 627 - 36 535 kg 78,645 - 80,547 lbs.
  • Max lift capacity 20 540 kg 45,280 lbs.

Meeting the demands of waste management

Sort more materials faster with less downtime using a waste package on our flagship excavator that provides optimal reach and engineered to help machine stability.

  • Designed to protect vital machine parts
  • Improved protection from airborne debris
  • Reduced wear on components

Features and benefits

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Auto reversing fan

Minimize damage from airborne debris with a fan that auto reverses to keep the radiator clean. Manual switch allows for regular purging of the radiator.
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Engine pre-cleaner

Keep your engine clear with a pre-cleaner that removes large particulates from the engine air for longer air filter life.

Wide core cooling package

Cut debris accumulation and keep air flowing through the radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, A/C condenser and charge air cooler.
Excavator_WH_cab air precleaner.psd

Cab pre-cleaner

Improve air quality with pre-cleaned, filtered air delivered to the HVAC system. Pressurizes the cab, reducing odors and extending HVAC filter life.
Excavator_WH_chassis sealAsset 1.png

Chassis seal package

Reduce the amount of debris entering the engine compartment with a chassis seal package that shields vital parts.
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Severe duty revolving frame under covers

Protect vital internal machine components with 9-mm thick under covers.
Excavator_PC390LC_WH_waste package_literature link_Excavator 9.JPG

Corrugated and perforated screen package

Increase efficiency and maximize effective open area for increased airflow to the coolers.
Excavator_WH_radiator cleanoutAsset 1.psd

Radiator cleanout access cover

Allows access to the engine side of the radiator for cleaning through a removable cover with tethered knobs.
Excavator_PC210LC_WH_waste package_literature link_Excavator 7_v2.psd

Operator cab guarding

Cab protection with OPG level 2 top and front guards as bolt-on options to a base ROPS cab.
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