Waste solutions

D65WX-18 WH

  • Horsepower 162 kW @ 1 950 rpm 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm
  • Operating weight 24 199 kg 53,350 lbs.
  • Blade capacity 13.1 m3 17.2 yd3

Meeting the demands of waste management

The toughest waste conditions require the best equipment. Designed with field experience and customer feedback, our dozer waste solutions offer ample pushing power and special filters and guards that provide protection from environmental debris.

  • Designed to protect vital machine parts
  • Improved protection from airborne debris
  • Reduced wear on components

Features and benefits

D65_D85 Auto Reversing Fan.psd

Auto reversing fan

Minimize overheating from airborne debris with a fan that auto reverses based on adjustable interval and duration.
Dozer_WH_waste package_literature link_3_ engine aire precleaner.JPG

Engine pre-cleaner

Keep your engine clear with a pre-cleaner that blocks and removes large particles from the air before they reach the engine air filter.
Dozer_D65_WH_literature link_Tank Guard.JPG

Extra guards throughout

Help protect your machine from damage and contamination due to debris with extra guards added to final drive seals, tanks and engine.
D65 Track Shoe.psd

Track shoe holes

Reduces track compacting by allowing debris to be pushed through the track shoe holes.
Dozer_D85 18_WH_literature link_AC_Condenser.png

Re-located A/C condenser

Increase cooling efficiency with a re-located A/C condenser that’s mounted to the roof to protect it from debris.
D65EX-18WH Trash Rack.psd

Trash rack

Your operator needs a wide range of vision while moving piles of waste. The trash rack was designed for optimal operator visibility with increased blade capacity.
Dozer_WH_waste package_literature link_5.JPG

Front and rear striker bars

Reduce debris from riding up on the tracks and damaging the chassis with front and rear striker bars.
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