Blasthole drill


  • Hole diameter 349 mm 13 3/4 in
  • Bit loading 55 338 kg 122,000 lbs.
  • Single pass hole depth 20 m 65 ft.

Boost productivity with an advanced drill

Benefit from an enhanced platform drill that reinvents and modernizes drilling. The ZR122 features rugged and reliable rotary carriages, a powerful, precise rack-and-pinion pulldown system, and an enclosed boxer mast; this drill delivers ample torque and bit loading for tough rock conditions.

  • Increase drilling time by up to 12%
  • Improve availability by 2-5%
  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 10%

    Note: All comparisons and claims of improved performance made herein are made with respect to the prior Komatsu model unless otherwise specifically stated. Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Features and benefits

Komatsu 320XPC blasthole drill on mining site

Solid boxer mast construction

Enclosed section, boxer style mast enhances structural reliability and helps reduce downtime. Makes inspection and repair of potential cracks easier by helping to reduce crack initiation points and stress risers.
Komatsy 77XR blasthole drill on mining site

Innovative rack and pinion pulldown

Help reduce maintenance time by promoting the reliability of the system. Innovative rack-and-pinion pulldown design was engineered to increase drilling forces for excellent dependability.
Komatsu 77XR blasthole drill on mining site

Auto-bit and pipe handling

Help reduce bit change downtime and promote zero harm with an advanced auto-bit changer carousel. Helps to flex into a new hole diameter rapidly so operators can seamlessly adapt the drill pattern to reach peak fragmentation quickly.
Komatsu 77XR blasthole drill in mining site

Enhanced structural design

Enhanced structural design on the mast, main and front frames are engineered for reliability. Easy to configure front frame allows optional add-ons or modification of the power supply.
Komatsu 320XPC blasthole drill auto navigation with HPGPS 1

Auto navigation, high-precision GPS (HPGPS)

Elevate your mine’s productivity with drilling accuracy ― high-precision GPS through auto-navigation capabilities . Allows movement of the drill between holes without the operator inside the cab.
Komatsu 77XR Blasthole Drill in mining site

Single, multi-pass angle drilling

Versatility to allow mines to select their mast configuration. Help mining operations adapt for multiple applications with the same drill.
Support you can count on

Technology that works as hard as you do

P&H ZR77 blasthole drill from Komatsu
The ProVision Machine Guidance System provides comprehensive blast-hole drill monitoring capabilities and high-precision global navigation satellite system (HP-GNSS) positioning. The ProVision system promotes improved blast-hole drill rig efficiency, better equipment utilization, more precise hole positioning and depth, and greater compliance with final blast design goals.
MineCare software
The MineCare Maintenance Management System combines the benefits of real-time remote equipment health monitoring with cloud computing technology and advanced analytics capabilities. The MineCare System promotes the advanced detection of issues before they occur, thus helping to reduce unplanned maintenance events, promoting increased uptime and utilization and reduced maintenance costs and equipment degradation. 
Two Komatsu employees reviewing data
Whether your needs begin at the task, process or enterprise optimization level, we equip you with the technology, scalable solutions and flexible support you need to meet your business goals.
Komatsu ZR77 and ZR44 blasthole drills
Eliminate live work in dangerous sites with a range of teleremote solutions. Teleremote enables mines to move operators off site to promote zero harm and productivity. Leverage anti-collision, geo-fencing and high precision GPS technologies — while your operators control your equipment from a distance.

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