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E&MJ: Pragmatic OEMs Balance Customer Needs With Low-carbon Goals

1 min read / May 23, 2023

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Top truck and shovel OEMs enter partnerships and develop solutions to help customers achieve their most critical goals, which align with the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda.

Calendar year 2030 is the deadline set by the United Nations (U.N.), its Net Zero Coalition, and the World Economic Forum for Global Compact participants to reduce carbon emissions attributed to their operations by at least 45%. 

Mining industry Compact participants, as well as society at large, has much to accomplish before then to make that happen, according to the top suppliers of truck-shovel mining solutions. 

For example, a new supply chain is required, and will be created during a period when supply chains across all sectors are disrupted. Meanwhile, miners are expected to innovate, embrace rapid change, and adopt new solutions, while hamstrung by staffing shortages. These two challenges alone are substantial. 

The OEMs all either directly or indirectly support the U.N. 2030 Agenda. They also say that they will not confound the trending push by the U.N. and activist investors for zero-emissions solutions with the very real and timely needs of customers.

*This article was written by Jesse Morton for the May issue of E&MJ. Read the rest on page 16 here.