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International Mining: Pull-down force

1 min read / April 24, 2023

Drill_ZR122_MinnTac MN_DB_220614_KMCG_246.nef

Paul Moore spoke to all four of the major blasthole drill OEMs as well as the two leading third party OEM-agnostic drill autonomy players to understand how the latest drills function and what they bring to the mining customer.

Komatsu’s ZR-Series – big gains in a short time (page 22)

During the SME 2023 event in Denver in February, Justin Bollini, Komatsu Mining Application Engineer, gave a detailed update on its ZR series of blasthole drills. It is a relatively new product line so there’s a lot of new product development and proving of early serial number machines going on. There are four main models in Komatsu’s lineup today – namely the ZT44 (diesel, DTH, 24.4 m typical hole depth and 165 mm hole diameter), ZR77 (diesel or electric, DTH or rotary, 16.8 m typical hole depth and 251 mm hole diameter), ZR122 (diesel or electric, DTH or rotary, 19.8 m typical hole depth and 311 mm hole diameter) and the 320XPC (electric, rotary, 19.8 typical hole depth and 351 mm hole diameter).

*This article was written by Paul Moore for International Mining’s April issue. Read the rest here.