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International Mining: Komatsu’s Dan Funcannon: ‘The path forward to a more sustainable future for mining’

1 min read / May 24, 2023

Komatsu GPL15052 electric truck in mining site

As a global player in mining technology, Komatsu says it is also at the forefront of helping its customers as they strive to achieve interim and final emissions targets. That work starts with partnerships that guide development efforts related to process optimisation, interoperability and common sustainability goals.

Komatsu offers a unique depth of experience and large installed base of electric mining equipment, including those taking advantage of many different technologies including trolley assist, energy storage, automation, and optimisation technologies through its Fleet Management Systems (FMS). The next generation of products in the journey toward decarbonised mining is coming soon. Ahead of his keynote presentation on the opening day of The Electric Mine 2023 event in Tucson, Arizona IMtalked with Dan Funcannon, VP North America Engineering and Development, Komatsu, about its experience, vision and partnership approach, including his views on so-called “swarms” of smaller mining trucks as an option.

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