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Optimisation: The Key to Successful Mining

1 min read / March 21, 2023

PA Truck_PC7000_ZR77_AZPG_VB_June2021_I1A4117_Argus screenshot.jpg

Wesley Taylor, Automation and Surface Mining Product Manager at Komatsu, discusses the benefits and prospects of a new payload management solution in a Q&A with Will Owen, Editor of Global Mining Review.

In mining operations today, several buzzwords are frequently mentioned – electrification, sustainability, and decarbonisation – and yet the central theme that ties these factors together is optimisation. The fact is, every facet of mining operations is driven by optimisation, which ultimately affects sustainability and profitability.

Automating everyday operations, such as payload management, can play a big role in advancing optimization at mine sites. Getting instantaneous, real-time visibility into the amount of material being loaded and moved can help increase operational efficiency, productivity, and utilisation. Miners can gain even more value from payload technology if they are able to integrate it with disparate systems.

Argus Payload Management system by Modular Mining – a Komatsu technology brand – is a solution that can help optimize efficiency through automation. To learn more, GMR sat down with Wesley Taylor, Product Manager. Automation and Surface Mining at Komatsu.

*This article was written in partnership with Will Owen for Global Mining Review’s March issue. Read the rest on page 12 here.