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Dig, Load, Haul — Repeat

1 min read / March 22, 2023

LHD_WX03_Norcat CA_JH_220815_34.jpg

Trucks and loaders form the heart of underground production fleets the world over. E&MJ presents a guide to the latest features and models from five leading OEMs.

From higher payloads and cleaner diesel engines, to automated digging technologies and battery-electric drive trains, 2021 and 2022 saw a host of new features announced for underground trucks and LHDs, as well as some completely new models. Many of these are heading into field testing or commercial availability in the coming months, and what better way to celebrate these cutting-edge technologies than with a roundup of new and exciting developments?

Komatsu Looks to Autonomy and Electrification 

Tyler Vien, Product Manager for LHDs and Trucks at Komatsu, began by walking E&MJ through the company’s latest introductions. 

“The WX03 LHD is our most recent product launch,” he said. “It was introduced at the tail end of 2022 and features modern technology — including CAN bus controls — and a unique bucket geometry designed to increase productivity.”

*This article was written by Carly Leonida for the March issue of E&MJ. Read the rest on page 44 here.