Electrification and innovation in underground mining

There are big challenges with hard rock mining. The new Z3 series of bolters and development drill rigs were inspired by a desire to solve those challenges.

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Z3 Series

We've worked closely with our customers in their own backyards to create and validate these problem-solving solutions, such as high energy-density battery-electric machines, a cost-effective bolting option and other productivity-boosting innovations.

The Z3 series was inspired by understanding your challenges

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Electric models use onboard and smart opportunistic charging with 100% compatibility with existing infrastructure. The 162 kWh onboard energy driveline handles the most demanding cycles. Proven Proterra battery design helps drive zero harm.

Conventional bulk resin systems are only compatible with expensive, limited bolt types. The J-LOK P pumpable resin system expands the bolt commonality range, which may lower bolt costs while accelerating ground support completion.
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Your equipment must be easy to learn and operate. These medium-class bolters and drill rigs are built on a common platform for increased user adoption and efficient training, which can help attract talent and quickly get new operators up to speed.
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Until now, there have been few options for underground hard rock bolters and development drills. This new family of machines offers mining operators many more choices in their quest for optimum productivity, maximum efficiency and lower total operating costs.
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The ZJ3 series of jumbos can help reduce downtime with fewer hydraulic hoses. With only six hoses per boom (up to 30 per boom in conventional machines), these drills can help reduce hose repair or replacement downtime.

Key Z3 series innovations

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Battery-electric done right

Komatsu has teamed up with Proterra as we launch our Z3 series of medium-sized bolters and rock drilling rigs. As an industry leader in commercial vehicle electrification technology, Proterra batteries excel in mission-critical areas like performance, energy-density, durability and ease of implementation.
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J-LOK P pumpable resin system

Move away from expensive and limited bolt types while maintaining strong ground support and driving zero harm with a JENNMAR J-LOK P bulk resin system. This bolter option delivers superior alignment and accuracy, and can help boost productivity, lower bolt costs and reduce cycle times.
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Intelligent Machine Control (IMC)

This new computerized, smart platform features simplified two-joystick functionality, improved drilling accuracy and semiautonomous operation. Fixed-bit and actuator roll-around assist can benefit even highly experienced operators in manual drilling mode.

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Diesel Battery IMC 1 boom 2 boom


Diesel Battery IMC 1 boom 2 boom

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