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Joy 14CM15 continuous mine underground

Minimizing machine downtime during planned and unplanned outages is critical to maintaining your production goals.


Our life cycle management (LCM) programs help you maximize productivity by optimizing your equipment performance throughout its life in the mine.

Technicians working on machine assembly rebuild

Our program draws upon the worldwide knowledge and experience only found with an OEM.

We take your overall machine health very seriously. As a result, we have developed several robust prognostic and health monitoring programs, including our predictive maintenance plans and our PreVail remote health monitoring technology.

The mining industry is changing rapidly due to the need to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety. With these challenges in mind, we are helping bring mining performance to the next level.

We offer factory-trained service technicians and skilled tradespeople to maintain and repair your equipment 24/7, 365 days a year.

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