Driving to zero harm

Working with Komatsu means being part of a culture of zero harm where everyone is responsible for each other’s safety. We believe it is possible to achieve zero harm when we all work together, and that’s something we drive towards every day.

Principles, rules and critical risks

Safety principles

Nine safety principles guide our focus


Cardinal safety rules

Adhering to our cardinal safety rules helps protect people from imminent danger


Critical safety risks

Identifying and teaching common critical safety risks helps establish continuity across job sites and workplaces

Stop work authority

To encourage an injury-free workplace, employees in our facilities are empowered with the authority to ‘stop work’ at any time to mitigate or avoid a safety risk.
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Safety dojos

A unique way we teach our safety principles and programs is through onsite, experiential safety dojos. These permanent training centers are dedicated areas for employees and visitors to learn about identified risks.

Zero harm coins

Safety coins provide a tangible reminder to keep safety top of mind and that a drive to zero harm is never ending, at work and beyond.

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