Optimizing your operations to drive results, together.

No two operations are the same; each has unique challenges to overcome and expectations to meet. Optimizing your mining site often requires a solution just as unique, and that goes much further than just the equipment you buy.


Learn how Komatsu's site optimization solutions can provide you with the people, technology and processes to help you get the most from your investment.


Controls and drives

Your mine thrives on efficiency. Our control and drive technology supercharges your equipment by maximizing key factors that improve your production rates and lower your cost per ton.


Mining intelligence

Our mining intelligence technology helps sustain good cost controls and profit growth by providing timely, efficient machine health and performance knowledge.

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Operator assist

Our operator assist technology helps improve operator performance, comfort, and safety through automated processes or controls.


Our environmental technology helps improve the overall working environment by reducing factors such as dust or potential ignition points.

Support for your job site