Supplier information

Open, collaborative relationships with our suppliers is vital to our continued success. We value vendor partners who are committed to high standards of quality, while recognizing our need for competitive pricing and innovative solutions.

Compliance and ethics expectations

We recognize and appreciate that our suppliers differ greatly in size, history, scope and location. Given this diversity, we are committed to working with all our partners to utilize a supply chain that reflects the fundamental principles, practices and values set forth in Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct and our CSR Procurement Guidelines.

Current supplier resources

Connect to mining supplier portal

for mining suppliers to submit deviation and substitution requests, update origin, and confirm delivery dates


Connect to Ariba network

for mining suppliers to submit date acknowledgements, create advance ship notifications, invoice, and general order management


Connect to eCommerce

for Peoria-built mining trucks only


Connect to GT Nexus

for Ripley and Peoria aftermarket suppliers to submit date acknowledgements, create advance ship notifications, invoice, and general order management


Deviation requests

Process change and substitutions

Komatsu material specifications

To review a supplier quality manual or packaging specifications, contact your Komatsu buyer representative

Trade and customs compliance

As a global organization we place a strong emphasis on global trade and customs compliance. Adherence with international and local trade regulations throughout our supply chain is critical to our success. We drive trade compliance by:

  • Staying current on global trade regulations and understanding the laws that govern international business
  • Maintaining trade compliance within our global regions
  • Performing global assessments to provide trade and customs compliance awareness and adherence to trade regulations
  • Conducting regular reviews of our business practices and trade partners to safeguard compliance throughout the supply chain
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Conflict minerals commitment

We are committed within our supply chain to ethically source the parts we use to manufacture our products and we expect our suppliers to adhere to the same principles.

Promoting your relationship with Komatsu

In general, Komatsu refrains from engaging in cross-promotional activities with suppliers (testimonials, case studies, co-branding opportunities, etc.). To request an exception, please work directly with your Komatsu buyer partner to obtain approval from the Komatsu marketing and legal teams in advance.
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