Flexible conveyor train


  • Capacity 1 451 MTPH 1,600 TPH
  • Minimum seam height 140 - 224 cm 55 - 88 in
  • FCT tram speed 22 m/min 72 ft./min

Transform your haulage operation

Truly continuous haulage for your room and pillar, longwall and industrial mineral operations is now within reach. The 4FCT can transform your transport by reducing or even eliminating haulage-related bottlenecks, so your continuous miners can operate at maximum capacity.

  • Up to 67% reduction in mobile haulage vehicles
  • Reduce batch haulage delays
  • Promote maximum cutter head minutes

Features and benefits


Reduce spillage

Remove the need for a feeder breaker in the section with an integrated lump breaker that helps size the product, meter the flow onto the belt, and eliminate a transfer point.

Employ true continuous haulage

When hauling with vehicles, gaps and bottlenecks inevitably happen. But with the 4FCT, you keep material moving constantly. And the 4FCT can convey and tram simultaneously, following a continuous miner’s every move.

Adapt to low and high seam heights

Each 4FCT system includes a Dynamic Move-Up Unit (DMU) that interfaces with your mine's panel belt. Available in two styles: side-discharge, best in low seam heights/wide entries and over-the-top, best in higher seams with restricted width.

Keep system speed at peak

The 4FCT’s Optidrive power system provides variable control of traction, belt and chain conveyor motors. Your crews can maximize belt loading and minimize belt speed, thus extending belt wear life and minimizing spillage.

Seek maximum efficiency

With the Faceboss control system, your operators can manage equipment at an optimal balance of production rate and cost-per-ton. They have access to automated sequences, advanced diagnostics, machine performance monitoring and analysis tools.

Reduce traffic and dust

Keep personnel and machines in a section to minimum, as the 4FCT requires only one operator using remote control. Fewer people and machines means fewer visibility concerns in a confined area versus batch haulage. Better dust control, too.

Specifications for 4FCT

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US system Metric
Entry width
6 m
20 ft.
Minimum seam height
140 - 224 cm
55 - 88 in
Machine height (over the lumpbreaker)
1.24 - 1.5 m
56 - 59 in
1 451 MTPH
1,600 TPH
FCT tram speed
22 m/min
72 ft./min
Support you can count on

Technology that works as hard as you do

Miner operating Joy 4FCT flexible conveyor train
Help optimize your operation with actionable insights. Operator assistance tools, automated sequences, advanced diagnostics and machine performance monitoring from the Faceboss Control System.
Joy OptiDrive
The Optidrive variable frequency drive system is the result of a holistic approach to transmission design that provides you with an adaptable, rugged and reliable solution for shearer traction systems. The medium voltage (MV, 3300 or 4160 V) OptiDrive system integrates the variable speed drive with the motor to achieve outstanding speed and torque control for soft starts and stops and fast acceleration. The variable chain speeds allow your operators to adapt to production conditions, giving you an opportunity to increase capacity, improve cutting cycles, and achieve remarkable efficiency with your longwall system.
Follow Me technology for underground mining
With the FCT in follow me mode, the machine uses sensor technology to position itself under the miner tail while in production.  Whether the miner is advancing into the cut, or tramming backwards, the FCT will adjust appropriately freeing the FCT operator to do more critical tasks.  Since the FCT and miner are now communicating with each other, the FCT can match the miner tram speed exactly allowing for more precise movements resulting in a smoother interaction between equipment and extending machine life. 

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