Feeder breaker


  • Seam Height Greater than 190 cm Greater than 75 in
  • Throughput (Standard) Up to 544 MTPH Up to 600 TPH
  • Breaker Pick force Up to 90 718 kg Up to 200,000 lbs.

Integral to your operation’s productivity

The Joy UFB-38 feeder breaker is designed to cut operating costs and increase production rates by helping your mining, haulage and conveying systems to work efficiently. This machine provides a reliable means for continuous feeding and breaking of harder rock and abrasive material type applications.

  • Greater pick force
  • Designed for durability
  • Wear-resistant materials

Features and benefits

Komatsu crushing joy underground feeder breakers in mining site

Promotes increased productivity

Since the feeder breaker is located closer to the working face, haulage distances and travel times are reduced, resulting in increased production and efficiency of the remaining section equipment.
Komatsu UFB-38 crushing joy underground feeder breakers in white background

Easier section moves

Engineered to handle abrasive material conditions, the robust crawler drive and undercarriage are also designed to offer exceptional ground clearance and towing capabilities.
Komatsu GPL2112 underground feeder breaker image

Optidrive VFD [option]

Joy Optidrive, an AC variable-frequency drive system, integrates software with the electronic and mechanical systems to provide precise conveyor speed control and breaker overload protection.
Komatsu ufb splined breaker drive in white background

Splined breaker shafts

Splined connection versus a compression connection can reduce assembly and disassembly time by more than 50%, reducing downtime for replacement and service. Splined connection is also 25% stronger than previous connections.* *based on internal testing
Komatsu ufb bolt on flights in white background

Bolt-on flights [option]

Downtime to replace conveyor flights is reduced by up to 75% with an easy bolt-on, alloy steel flight design. Operators have the flexibility to add additional flights and improve product sizing.
Komatsu BH20 room and pillar battery haulers training

Camera system

Forward and rearward cameras provide remote monitoring of haulage equipment receiving payload and discharging onto the material handling system.

Specifications for UFB-38

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US system Metric

Seam Height 

Greater than 190 cm

Throughput (Standard) 

Up to 544 MTPH 

Breaker Pick Force 

Up to 90 718 kg

Seam Height 

Greater than 75 in 

Throughput (Standard) 

Up to 600 TPH 

Breaker Pick Force 

Up to 200,000 lbs. 

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