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World Cement: Clever ways to cut aggregate crushing costs

1 min read / October 11, 2023

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Crushing material at your cement production plants is a challenging and complex process that can be costly, impacting your bottom line and potentially eroding profits. Without cost-effective crushing equipment and technology, your operation may suffer from expenditures that spiral out of control. Excessive energy consumption, material variability, inefficient size reduction, fines generation, sticky and wet materials, large civil works, unplanned maintenance or downtime and other aggregate crushing challenges can derail a plant’s profitability.

The good news is that crushing technology and equipment has evolved to become much more efficient in meeting these challenges, with new opportunities for cement producers to greatly lower their total operating cost (TOC). Today’s innovative crushing technologies are more advanced and sophisticated, with machines that use less energy, don’t require expensive installation, and can process different materials with less wear and tear and minimal fines generation.

By implementing the latest and greatest crushing equipment at your cement plant, such as reclaim feeders, surface feeder breakers and sizers, you can lower your TOC in five ways — with the added benefit of greater productivity.

For instance, feeder breakers with tensile strength technology are highly cost-effective for cement applications: “Any savings generated in this space would significantly impact the overall cost of any extraction and processing operation,” says Peter Janssen, Director, Crushing Product Strategy at Komatsu.

*This article was written by Michael Metson, Global Director, Sales at Komatsu, for a 2023 supplement issue of World Cement. Read the rest here. World Cement BMHR 2023 by PalladianPublications - Issuu