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Australian Mining: Raising the roof

1 min read / November 17, 2023


As the coal mining industry has tackled new challenges and evolved, mine operators are increasingly under pressure to produce more at a lower cost. As a supplier of innovative powered roof support (PRS) systems for coal mines, Komatsu listened to their customers and understood their pain points. Two years ago, the company pivoted to a new business strategy, allowing greater collaboration with customers and third-party vendors to achieve higher efficiency at lower costs.

This open teamwork business strategy has already shown great promise and support from customers: “In 2021, we announced we would be adapting our longwall business in response to an evolving coal market, where customers were looking to cut costs while still maximizing their performance,” says Komatsu global manager, longwall sales and projects Nigel Goff. “Komatsu can provide project management, quality and integration services for longwall systems as an option for all supply scenarios. All of these supply models have been successful following the announcement of Komatsu’s updated PRS business.”

Under this new approach, Komatsu works with manufacturing partners to provide its customers the best products and solutions. Komatsu is confident that the ongoing success of its PRS business model will continue to attract new customers to its longwall equipment offerings while meeting the differing needs of its existing customer base.

“We will continue to invest in our people, facilities and PRS solutions product line to reinforce our commitment to the longwall industry and support our customers through their entire journey,” says Goff.

*This article was written by Alexandra Eastwood for Australian Mining. Read the rest here: Raising the roof - Australian Mining