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When planning a big project, have you ever wished you had a group of experts to help choose the right-sized fleet with the most appropriate equipment? With Komatsu, you have access to dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve success.

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Smart Quarry Study

Calibrate your fleet to the job with expert assistance

We believe you deserve to understand how your machines will perform and what they will cost to operate before making your purchasing decision. By comparing different size classes, you can make informed choices resulting in a more efficient cost per hour, ton or yard. We can help provide you with a straightforward remote analysis, or a more thorough on-site analysis, both incorporating your unique local factors.

  • Knowledgeable support when job planning
  • Valuable insight tailored for your job site
  • Confidence that your fleet mix is right for the job

Features and benefits

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Custom, detailed fleet recommendations

Get analysis of your job site to help determine the most efficient mobile fleet that will meet your project targets. These custom, detailed reports will help provide vital details about your operational needs like machine size, machine configuration, and fleet size.

Understand your total cost of ownership

Evaluate purchasing and operating cost estimates on a per hour, ton, or yard basis for your fleet and your expected ownership period. Rely on our experts to help estimate real-world volumes of fuel, DEF and maintenance and repair intervals.
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Telematics-based insights

Our Smart Quarry team will provide coaching on the most important data points from Komtrax, such as utilization, idle ratio, fuel consumption, productivity, intelligent machine and operator guidance, and equipment health indicators.
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