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Smart Construction solutions


Save time and eliminate the headache of converting paper plans into digital 3D design by outsourcing the 3D generation service to Komatsu.

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Go from rolled up paper plans to robust 3D designs

Ready to make the leap from 2D to 3D? Save time and eliminate the headache of converting paper plans. Now you can quickly move from rolled-up paper plans to a digital design file with Komatsu’s 3D data generation service: Accurate data that is easily shared, replicated and updated.

  • Turn 2D into 3D with confidence
  • 3D data optimized for machines
  • Accurate and quality data

Features and benefits

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Accurate Models

A foundation of the modern job site. Accurate 3D models allow for improved visualization of the project in multidimensional form and is easily shared and updated as work progresses.
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Free up staff

Strategically delegate work and flex your operations. Outsourcing tasks like 3D modeling ensures that your current team focuses on core business operations.
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Digitize your job sites

When you’re moving thousands of tons of earth, you need to know the data you have is correct and can be depended upon. Accurate 3D models move your operation closer to digital transformation.
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