Enhancing quality of life

Working toward common goals to reduce CO2 emissions, energy use and resource consumption in our industries is more than a good business practice — it’s a fundamental responsibility to the environment we all share.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid systems use what would normally be wasted energy and put it to use when most needed to lower fuel consumption and emissions. Use of hybrid solutions is a smart choice to help us move the needle on global sustainability goals while contributing to a lower total cost of ownership.
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Electric systems offer clean, quiet power. Our shared journey to a zero-emission future also provides the building blocks and flexibility to optimize performance in various stages of your operations.
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Quality and performance at a lower purchase cost while recycling resources. Genuine Komatsu remanufactured engines, transmissions and other key components have the same high quality as newly manufactured components, with the added value of reducing overall waste.
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Sustainable operations

Advancing operations sustainably means leveraging the latest technologies to reduce waste and optimize processes. As a representative of our industries and a member of our communities, we work as partners to pioneer, test and implement technologies with net-zero in mind.

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