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Electric rope shovel

4100C AC

  • Nominal payload 72.5 - 82 mt 80 - 90 st
  • Dipper capacity 41 - 49 m3 54 - 64 yd3
  • Production 7 184 - 9 579 MTPH 7,919 - 10,559 TPH

The 4100C electric rope shovel, with a nominal payload of 81.6 mt (90 st), provides reliability and high productivity. The 4100C is an upgraded version of our popular 4100A shovel; most of the 4100A shovels sold in the last 25 years are still in operation today!

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P&H 4800XPC electric rope shovel loading mining truck
The Argus Payload Monitoring System weighs each bucket in real-time, which helps eliminate the need to stop and calculate payload before loading the truck. Immediate feedback promotes loading accuracy, while peer benchmarking works to reinforce best practices to improve operator performance. 
P&H 2800XPC electric rope shovel
The ProVision Machine Guidance System promotes increased operator efficiency and productivity through the use of high-precision global navigation satellite system (HP-GNSS) positioning. Capable of providing up to 1 cm accuracy, the ProVision System helps guide shovel operators to dig the right material, keep the designed bench grade, respect dig limits, and work within the machine’s prime operating specifications. The system also provides guidance to truck operators to help promote precise spotting at a loading unit. 
MineCare software
The MineCare Maintenance Management System combines the benefits of real-time remote equipment health monitoring with cloud computing technology and advanced analytics capabilities. The MineCare System promotes the advanced detection of issues before they occur, thus helping to reduce unplanned maintenance events, promoting increased uptime and utilization and reduced maintenance costs and equipment degradation. 
P&H 2300XPC electric rope shovel loading mining truck
The DISPATCH Fleet Management System (FMS) helps mines achieve enhanced load and haul cycle efficiency and productivity through its proprietary optimization algorithm. The DISPATCH FMS provides mines with increased potential for end-to-end monitoring of production and auxiliary equipment, improved compliance with planning objectives, shorter hang/queue times and more.
Bucket of P&H 4100XPC electric rope shovel
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