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Efficiency and productivity in sizing and feeding can unlock production growth for your operation and we offer material handling systems and expertise to help you do that. Our crushing equipment lineup includes feeder breakers, reclaim feeders, mobile crushers and sizers.

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RF-27 RF-31 RF-40

  • Throughput Up to 1 500 MTPH / 2 500 MTPH / 3 600 MTPH Up to 1,650 TPH / 2,756 TPH / 4,000 TPH
  • Power rating range Up to 185 kW / 220 kW / 375 kW Up to 250 HP / 300 HP / 500 HP
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Stamler RF-5

  • Throughput Up to 3 629 MTPH Up to 4,000 TPH
  • Power rating range Up to 300 kW Up to 400 HP

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